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Questionnaire For "ELEKTROAMG" Brakes


"ELEKTROMAG" are the pioneers of the Indian Crane Controlgear Industry. With experience in this field for more than 25 years they offer you their most comprehensive range of industrial brakes already being used by various crane and machinery manufacturers.

Electro magnetic Brakes are used when a load must be stopped rapidly to prevent the load from rotating due to the motor automatic control whether it is a question of stopping at a pre-determined time or at selected points of travel or to prevent overtravelling.

For fool-proof and safe operation of machinery, modern methods are necessary, which should not tax the operator very greatly. Any machine which requires its motion to be arrested, whether it is a lifting Crane, Hoist, Winch or Mining Haulage today employs a Electro Magnetic Brake, enabling the operator not only to arrest the motion but also to hold the load at any desired point without danger of falling, merely by release of the starting handle. One cannot possibly misoperate the Brake. Nothing safer than the Electro Magnetic Brake is available today.

Electro Magnetic Brakes also find its use in Paper Mills, Drives of certain textile machines, Sugar Mill Machinery, Rubber Mixing Mills, Centrifuges and certain hazardous machines, in which a complete stoppage of machine is necessary before handling of the contents. There is no limit to the use to which the Brake can be put whenever stopping of the machine is required.

To calculate the size of "ELEKTROMAG" Electro magnetic Brake for a given application it is necessary to take into consideration the H.P. Rating and speed in R.P.M. to obtain the required retarding torque. The basic formula against which calculations are made is :

Torque in Kg.M. = (71620 x H.P.) / (R.P.M. x 100)
= (975 x KW) / RPM

For minimum size of Electro Magnetic Brake and maximum efficiency the Brake should be mounted directly on the motor shaft. The application involving ardous duty with more self sustaining load characteristic such as hoist motions of Electric Crane hoists, skip hoist equipment, overload factor must be taken into consideration. In applications of this nature it is usual to assess the Brake torque required on the basis of 150% full load torque.


`ELEKTROMAG' Electro Magnetic Single Phase A.C Brake is ruggedly constructed to withstand the effect of mechanical shocks and vibrations. The brake is manufactured to comply with B.S. Specification.



Drum Dia in Width of shoe face in BRAKING TORQUE IN KGM. * Approximate HP at 1000 r.p.m.
mm mm 50% 100% 50% 100%
100 57 2.20 1.87 3 2.5
150 70 7.60 6.50 10 9.0
200 89 17.75 15.00 24 20.0
250 108 22.70 19.30 30 25.0
300 127 45.70 38.80 60 50.0
381 152 69.00 58.60 95 80.0



The A.C. Electro magnet is built of high grade, low magnetic steel laminations each insulated from the adjacent one. The entire lot is tightly riveted and machined accurately to eliminate the air gap when the magnet circuit is closed. The coils are wound on bakelite bobbin and are thoroughly insulated.

A hand release lever is provided for manual release of the brake. A.C. E.M. Brakes can also be supplied with Dust Proof Cover made of sheet steel for only the magnet at extra cost.

The Electro Magnet is secured directly on to the brake lever. The magnet core is made of specially selected steel having very high permeability. The coil is varnished with `F' class insulating material and made impervious to moisture.

This brake conforms to IPSS specification

Note : The design, dimensions and specifications are subject to alterations without prior notice due to constant development for better performance.


`ELEKTROMAG' Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brake is a heavy duty brake designed to withstand the severe duty conditions imposed by heavy duty machinery in various industries. The Electro Hydraulic Thrustor transmits useful thrust through the levers onto the brake shoe thereby releasing the brake. When the power is switched off, the brake is smoothly applied because the hydraulic thrust acting against the spring pressure is gradually reduced.


Drum Dia in Width of shoe face in BRAKING TORQUE IN KGM. * Approximate HP at
1000 r.p.m.
mm mmA B C D E
100 57 6 - - - - 8
150/160 70 9 - - - - 12.5
200 89 20 32 - - - 25/45
250 110 35 42 - - - 45/55
300/315 130 43 62 - - - 60/85
400 150 80 90 110 - - 110/125/150
500 178 - 185 190 - - 255/265
600 203 - - - 400 600 555/835

All types of ELEKTROMAG Brakes are normally applied when in OFF position and the Brake is released when power is connected. HP given in all above Selection Charts is WITHOUT SAFETY FACTOR.

Flame Proof Thrustor Brakes, reserve Action Brakes, 3 Phase AC, EM Brakes, Hydraulic Foot operated Brakes, Hand/Foot operated Mechanical Brakes are also manufactured against specific orders.

Note:Brakes upto 1000 mm dia for braking torque as per clients requirements can be supplied. Limit Switch for indication of complete brake shoe opening can be provided at extra cost.



The brake shoes are self aligning type and are fitted with best quality brake lining with large cooling surface. The lining is designed for high temperature resistance thereby preventing the shoe from getting heated-up.


The compression springs are made of best quality spring steel and are properly heat-treated to give correct hardness. The compression springs provide the necessary working pressure to apply the brake when the power is switched off. The Solenoid or Thrustor exerts a force against the spring pressure and releases the brake when the power is supplied to the magnet or Thrustor.



D. C. Electro Magnetic Shunt Brake is designed to withstand a large number of switching operations per hour. The minumum number of pivots ensures minimum wear and tear of moving parts. The brakes are manufactured for different voltages and are supplied if necessary with Transformer Rectifier Panels.

Drum Dia in Width of shoe face in BRAKING TORQUE IN KGM. * Approximate HP at 1000 r.p.m.
mm mm 50% CDF 100% CDF 50% CDF 100% CDF
100 57 2.2 1.8 3 2.5
150/160 70 7.6 6.5 10 9.0
200 90 13.0 10.0 18 14.0
250 110 27.0 20.0 35 25.0
300/315 140 76.0 55.0 105 75.0
381/400 180 138.0 104.0 190 145.0
500 220 277.0 208.0 385 290.0

          Panel with Electronic Timer-Cum-Relay, Economy, Series & Bleeder Resistor suitable 
          for Input 415 V AC, 2 Phase, 50 C/s


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