Electro-Magnetic Vibrating Feeders

"ELEKTROMAG" Vibrating Feeders provide the most efficient and economical method of conveying bulk materials and, what is more important the simplest and easiest means of controlling the rate of flow or feed.

Vibrating Feeders are extensively used in Iron and Steel works, Collieries Quarries, Gas Works, Mines, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, Rubber, Clay and Glass Industries for handling all types of materials - big lumps of ore down to fine chemicals - hot or cold - dry or damp - Capacities from 50 grams to 2000 Tonnes per hour.

Vibrating Feeders protect the belt conveyors from damage by feeding the material onto the belt conveyors from storage hoppers, silos, surge hoppers and dumpers at a controlled rate.

Vibrating Feeders are operated by employing pulsating current. This current when passed through stator, creates a series of interrupted pulls on the armature. The resultant is 3000 vibrations per minute.

Vibrating Feeders consist of Vibrating Tray fitted to a power unit of considerable weight. The Electromagnetic unit is mounted inside the heavy power unit. The power unit also houses the spring bars which consist of a number of leaf springs clamped at the two ends of the power unit. A heavy fabricated center piece carries the magnet armature at one end and the Vibrating Feeder Tray at the other end. The center piece is tightly clamped around the middle of the spring system. The feed tray is of heavy welded construction with stiffeners and gussets to provide rigidity.

"ELEKTROMAG" Vibrating Feeder can be supplied with single magnet drive or with twin, dual twin magnet drives or multiple drives to serve as Vibratory Conveyors.

The absence of wearing mechanical parts, such as gears, cams, belts, bearings, eccentrics or motors make "ELEKTROMAG" Vibrating Feeders the most economical equipment.

TypeTrough Size
Width X Length
Capacity per hour of material weighing
(100 Lbs./Cu. Ft) 1600 Kgs./Cu.Mt.
Power Consumption
OA500/200LY200 mm X 500 mm 10 M. Tonnes (230 Volts)150 Watts
OA900/250MY250 mm X 900 mm 20 M. Tonnes (230 Volts)250 Watts
OA900/600NY600 mm X 900 mm 50 M. Tonnes (230 Volts)500 Watts
OA1050/760OY760 mm X 1050 mm 100 M. Tonnes ( 230 Volts)1500 Watts
OA1500/900PY900 mm X 1500 mm 200 M. Tonnes  (400/440 Volts)2800 Watts
OA1500/1200QY1200 mm X 1500 mm 400 M. Tonnes  (400/440 Volts)4200 Watts
OA1800/1200RY1200 mm X 1800 mm500 M. Tonnes (400/4400 Volts)5600 Watts

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